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Machine vision

Machine vision

Industrial machine vision systems make it possible to solve a variety of complex industrial problems quickly, reliably and in a stable manner. Machine vision systems are used in a variety of applications and in almost all industries: logistics centres, food industry, electronics industry, woodworking industry, packaging centres, etc.

Smitech OÜ uses equipment from highly valued manufacturers such as Cognex, SICK, Beckhoff, Keyence etc. to create various industrial machine vision systems.

Logistics centres

Food industry

Electronics industry

Wood industry

Packaging centres

The main applications of machine vision

Performing quality operations

In the course of daily production processes, defects are formed on the products. There are also defects in the raw material, the detection of which is critical. Different types of machine vision systems are able to detect such defects.
  • Detection of scratches/notches/cracks on products
  • Detection of knots and/or cracks and other defects on wood material
  • Control of packaging and products in the food industry

Reading and verifying labels and markings

With the help of various barcode readers, it is possible to decode both 1D and 2D codes.

Codes can be read both on printed labels and directly from the product (direct part mark DPM).

Our engineers have installed machine vision systems in the following processes:

  • Conveyor lines in logistics centres;
  • Production lines for scanning the device “Setup Sheet”;
  • In the food industry to read the label of the product

Verification of assemblies

Machine vision systems also help to verify the work performed on assembly lines by operators and by production lines.

Such solutions make it possible to reduce production costs by identifying a defective product as early as possible at the production stage.

In this way, you will avoid creating added value for defective products and reduce the load on production lines.

2D/3D scanning

Powerful tools for 2D and 3D machine vision systems allow you to perform both single 2D profile measurement and 3D analysis of the entire product surface.

2D and 3D scanning is used, for example, for the following procedures:

  • Quality control of objects with complex geometry
  • Verification of the assembly process, for example, in the electronics industry (identification of the presence, placement and fixation of components)
  • Control of the shape, size and number of various objects, for example, in the food industry (checking the sealability of the package, verification of the size of the portion, etc.)
  • Reading of the information on the products on the assembly line
  • Unevenness of surfaces