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We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers, since we have the competence to have a say in the development of the whole concept from the very beginning of the development phase.

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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Development and installation of systems

Our customers mainly include:

  • Mechanical engineering companies that develop equipment, of which automation is also a part, but who do not have the competence to develop industrial automation
  • Mechanical engineering companies which do not have sufficient resources and/or the competence to develop automation systems
  • Manufacturing companies that have an interest and desire to make their production processes more efficient and reliable

Complete solutions

Our goal is to offer our customers complete turnkey solutions from the design of the automation systems to installation and configuration works.

Engineering companies

Mechanical engineering companies

Manufacturing companies

Service areas of industrial automation

Industrial software development, industrial IT solutions

Design of automation systems

Programming of industrial controllers (PLC)

Design and construction of control panels

Drafting the necessary documentation

Setup and adjustment works

Completed projects

masinaehitus smitech

Development of turntable production line control systems

At the request of the customer, we designed a new electrical and automation system for the production line with a turntable, replaced all depreciated parts of automation systems and wrote new software for the device #Festo #Siemens

Replacement of planer feed line control systems

Due to the poorly executed work of the previous partner, the electrical and automation systems of the entire device had to be designed and replaced, and new software had to be written. As a result of these works, the OEE increased from 65% to around 90% #Siemens #Festo