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We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers, since we have the competence to have a say in the development of the whole concept from the very beginning of the development phase.

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Factory Automation Solutions

Factory Automation Solutions

The core business of Smitech is to provide complete turnkey production automation solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Our product portfolio includes the following:

  • Production lines
  • Fully automatic assembly equipment
  • Robot systems (also collaborative robots)
  • Machine vision systems

Our team of experienced engineers is capable of developing solutions that take into account the specifics of your production.

We have mainly developed special solutions for industrial and manufacturing companies in the electronics, automotive, plastic, wood and construction sectors.

Fully automated production lines

Assembly equipment

Robotic systems

Machine vision

Factory Automation Solutions

Fully automated assembly lines

The goal of Smitech OÜ is to provide turnkey solutions to our clients for automating assembly processes. Our team will help you develop a concept, create a suitable assembly line, and integrate it into your production.

We are an open integrator and do not typically define a specific industry for which we create solutions. To date, we have developed product assembly lines for electronics-, wood-, metalworking- and automotive industries,

Production Lines

We design, manufacture, and install production lines that help streamline existing production processes, bring new products to market, and/or make existing production processes more efficient.
Additionally, automated production lines allow operators to be freed from routine and ergonomically challenging work processes.

To date, we have designed and manufactured production lines for the automotive-, wood-, metalworking- and power electronics industries.

Industrial Robotics

Industrial robots are increasingly being used in various manufacturing processes for automation. With the help of industrial robots, it is possible to perform operations that are routine, dangerous, and ergonomically challenging for humans. In addition, industrial robots can increase production efficiency and quality.

The most common solutions include palletizing products, servicing CNC machines, servicing bending machines, servicing die-casting machines, welding, painting, and more.